About Me

I’m Mirthe, 20 years old and studying International Communication and Media or how they also like to call it Creative Business.┬áThe question then is, what am I doing writing a blog about AI and Blockchain?

Shall I first start explaining the obvious of why I am starting a blog in the first place. By writing this blog I want to improve my communication and writing skills. Besides I want to see this as setting up my own business. The best way to learn how to start a business is by starting a business as explained in the book ‘Burn the Business Plan’ by Carl Schramm. Sounds logic, right? But why AI and blockchain you asked?

From where I’m standing these two concepts start to evolve all around me. When I found out there is a masters programm in Artificial Intelligence I knew I had to go for it. But with my little technologic background I need to play catch up first.

Therefore this blog is the perfect outcome for me to mature my communication competencies while preparing myself for my technological future.